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        • Chuck's Blog

          VP and Global Marketing CTO Chuck Hollis provides an EMC insider's perspective on information, technology, and customer challenges.

        • Exec Blog: Reflections

          EMC's senior leaders share their insights on trends in IT.

        • Virtual Geek

          Chad Sakac, SVP for Global Presales Technical Resources, offers an insider perspective and technical tips and tricks in the era of the VMware Revolution.

        • VMware Tips

          EMC Advisory vSpecialist Rick Scherer covers virtualization and cloud related topics including technical tips and tricks.

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            • Dave Farmer
            • 508-293-7206
            • Email
          • CORPORATE
            • LESLEY OGRODNICK
            • 508-293-6961
            • Email
            • HR, Community Involvement, Government Relations, Sustainability
            • 508-249-1855
            • Email
            • Corporate, Vertical Industries
            • 508-293-7628
            • Email
          • STORAGE
            • KATRYN MCGAUGHEY
            • Storage Platforms, Information Management
            • 508-293-7717
            • Email
            • JEN SORENSON
            • Customers, OEM/Services
            • 508-249-6837
            • Email
            • ED LUBOJA
            • Backup and Recovery Systems, Atmos
            • 203-210-7404
            • Email
            • MEGAN LANE
            • Unified Storage Division, Isilon, Advanced Storage Division
            • 508-293-7635
            • Email
          • SECURITY
            • KEVIN KEMPSKIE
            • 781-515-5915
            • Email
            • ALISON PARKER
            • Products, AntiFraud, Channel, Services
            • 781-515-5449
            • Email
            • LONA THERRIEN
            • Security Thought Leadership, RSA Strategic Alliances
            • 781-515-5915
            • Email
            • HADLEY WEINZIERL
            • 508-293-7642
            • Email
            • KIM MANIOVICH
            • 508-293-6944
            • Email
            • JULIE QUATTRO
            • 408-562-1519
            • Email
          • PIVOTAL
            • DAVID ORO
            • 415-885-9898
            • Email
            • SARAH REED
            • IIG/ Syncplicity
            • 508- 510-4032
            • Email
            • JOYCE WATTS
            • IIG/ Syncplicity
            • 760-445-1888
            • Email
          • MOZY
            • TONY PATRICK
            • +44 7920 278013
            • Email
            • STEVE JENSEN
            • 801-701-4136
            • Email

        EMC in breve

        Awards and Recognition

        Explore recent honors for EMC products, solutions, and services, and for the corporation as a whole.

        Corporate Profile

        Learn more about EMC, the global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service (ITaaS).

        EMC 2012 Highlights

        EMC’s 2012 results were driven by consistent strategy, solid finances, and leading edge cloud computing, big data, and trusted IT products.

        EMC Executive Team

        Meet EMC's executive management team—leaders in network storage, cloud services, information management, and IT as a service.

        Investor Relations

        Learn more about EMC's strategy and its impact on the company's future financial performance.

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